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Last update: 30 June, 2014
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Sailors with a double mission

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/18/14

These guys help us ship our products to their final destination... Using really awesome ships!

But they also have another mission:

With a message of peace, Wallbreakers will sail from Amsterdam to Berlin with several traditional barges this summer. We will bring gifts for Berlin and return with original pieces of the Berlin wall. The long journey is a tribute to the Dutch ships that sailed the same journey and passed right through the Berlin wall in 1987, two years before the reunification. Our message is one of peace and freedom.

Check out their website! http://www.wallbreakers.eu/nl/


Back on the water next Wednesday

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/13/14

Little update: the ship is on the water again next Wednesday, at least, if that cannon doesn't fire ;)

Good news for the rum lovers!

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/13/14

Good news rum lovers!

Our new rum is bottled and available beginning next week in the Netherlands and soon after in other countries!

Is our rum is not for sale yet in your area? Talk with your local liquor store, baror other retail outlet and contact us for an order! www.treshombres-rum.com & www.fairtransport.eu

Photo's by trainee!

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/13/14

One of our trainees made these awesome pictures! Check them out! https://plus.google.com/photos/+RobertPirotte/albums/6021482043405739985?banner=pwa#photos/+RobertPirotte/albums/6021482043405739985?banner=pwa

Workshop ship in a bottle

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/05/14

We from Tres Hombres are used to moving fair bottles of rum in our ship. That it could be the other way around as well was proved by Frans Dekker and his pal Henry.

They gave a workshop "Ship in a bottle" at the VOC day and used our Tres Hombres Rum? bottles for it. From what we've heard the perfect shape and size!

The next step is putting a miniature of our own ship in the bottle. Who's up for the challenge?

The Sail Freighter Tres Hombres

Ambassador of a new fleet of sustainable hybrid sailing vessels ( fairtransport )

The 32 meter brigantine Tres Hombres is in service since December 2009. She maintains a sustainable freight service between: Europe, the Atlantic islands, the Caribbean and America. Besides a cargo capacity of 35 tons, she has accommodation for 5 crew members and 10 trainees.

Latest news:  We will be moving to our new Website in:

Can't wait ? Check it out now!  www.fairtransport.eu

Sail along!
"From A to B Emission Free!"

The Fairtransport “A-Label” on products guarantees a reduction of 90% of carbon emissions over the maritime cargo transport!

Sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres
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