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Visiting Erick & Marijke on the Island of Brava - By Captain Arjen

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 12/19/12

DATE 18/12/12 GMT 2000 POS 14º59 N ,  28º15 W COG 272  SOG 4.2



Captain Arjen van der Veen

About a year ago Fairtransport shipping received a phone call with the question, "can you deliver next year 8 wooden boxes with books and other personal belongings from Workum, Fryslan (1) to the island of Brava in the Cape Verdes?"Yes, Fairtransport sure can do this job! The Tres Hombres will be on route from the Netherlands to the Caribbean and can deliver beginning December 2012. 

Taking in the cargo in Den Helder on the 10th of October, the boxes where delivered the 14th of December in Vaja di Aqua, a beautiful bay on the North West side of the island where Erick and his wife Marijke call their new home. What you call paradise, living a sustainable life by farming organic fruits & vegetables on 24 terraces. They even plan to start a wine farm on more terraces. 

For sure a great place to come back too. Buying fresh fish, coconuts, mangos, papaja, carrots, and citron grass for tea. Trading with the locals also our products from the Caribbean and Europe where in fashion. They even mixed the Maubi sirop in the local distilled grog (2) and call it punch! For sure we'll be back… and in some years we'll deliver the first wine from Vaja d' Aqua to Workum.

To be continued

Captain Arjen van der Veen

(1) Fryslan = province of the Netherlands
(2) Grog = sort of rum made direct from sugar cane

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