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Last update: 30 June, 2014
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by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 06/05/14

DATE: 03-06-14 GMT: 1241 POS: 51-17.792 N, 002-55.069 W COG: 0 SOG: 0




WIND DIR: no wind

WIND SPD: no wind

CLOUDS: complete overcast, slight rain


SEA TEMP: 17.3


AIR PRES: 1014

We are anchoring on the sandbanks waiting for the wind to catch up or for the tidal streams to reverse. The sea is calm and was sunny until just after lunch.

Chocolatemakers in the Financial Times

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/30/14

Honorable mention of Chocolatemakers in the Financial Times as part of the top 5 best Chocolate makers of the world! Their beans are moved by the Tres Hombres and a new load of it just arrived a couple days ago.

Captain Jorne at Filmfestival 'Ambacht in Beeld'

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/30/14

Jorne at Filmfestival 'Ambacht in Beeld', telling about Fairtransport, the only sustainable alternative!

More interesting speakers coming up there next days. More info here: http://eropuit.blog.nl/film-theater-muziek/2014/05/28/filmfestival-ambacht-beeld-de-kromhouthal-amsterdam

Picture of Tres Hombres ship arriving in Oostende!

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/30/14


Chocoladecaravaan on nationaal radio

by the Crew of Tres Hombres on 05/28/14

The chocoladecaravaan on national Radio 1! http://www.radio1.nl/item/195907-De%20Ochtend%20van%20de%20chocoladekaravaan.html

The Sail Freighter Tres Hombres

Ambassador of a new fleet of sustainable hybrid sailing vessels ( fairtransport )

The 32 meter brigantine Tres Hombres is in service since December 2009. She maintains a sustainable freight service between: Europe, the Atlantic islands, the Caribbean and America. Besides a cargo capacity of 35 tons, she has accommodation for 5 crew members and 10 trainees.

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The Fairtransport “A-Label” on products guarantees a reduction of 90% of carbon emissions over the maritime cargo transport!

Sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres
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